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December App Challenge

For those who have downloaded the TMG app (Teach Me Graphghan) you will see a monthly challenge. What is the challenge? To finish the blanket and send the image of the finished blanket to me by December 31. I will put it in the TMG group for a vote on the best one. The one with the most vote gets a $50 gift certificate to a store with online access to buy the gift card. Each participant will get a $50 gift card to my patterns. Everyone wins!!

Each Month I will post a new monthly challenge. Each follow month there will be a winner.

December pattern is the Reindeer 2020 100×120

Exclusive to the TMG APP and can be downloaded now on the eReader.

Are you ready? Download the app and lets get started! Linda Kay

Google play store :
Apple Store:

Join the Group to submit your finished image

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Crochet Mini Stocking

This little darling stocking is simple and quick. Using a size I hook and 4 ply yarn the final size will be approximately 3×8 inches. You may use SC or HDC simple stitch. I use HDC Front Post (FPHDC) to achieve a thicker stocking that will not stretch or lose shape. 

This pattern is worked in rounds, meaning you will not attach rows or add ch. 

CH 4, turn, 2 HDC in 2nd CH from the hook, 1HDC, 3 HDC in the 1st CH. The next HDC will be placed on the opposite side of the CH. HDC in the same CH with the 2HDC. (8HDC)

Round 2: HDC in the CH4 space, FPHDC, HDC between the next HDC, 3 FPHDC, 1HDC between next HDC, FPHDC, 1 HDC between next HDC, 3HDC (12HDC)

Round 3: Work 1FPHDC in the HDC, 1HDC, 1FPHDC, 1HDC, between, 5FPHDC, 1HDC between, 1FPHDC, 1HDC between, 5FPHDC . (16HDC)

Round 4: Round 3: Work 1FPHDC in the HDC, 1HDC, 1FPHDC, 1HDC, between, 7FPHDC, 1HDC between, 1FPHDC, 1HDC between, 7FPHDC . (20HDC)

Round 5: Work 1FPHDC in the HDC, 19 FPHDC (20HDC) The toe area is complete.

Change color. Complete 5 rounds of 20FPHDC.

CH10, skip 10, 10FPHDC, HDC in the CH. Complete 10 rows of 20FPHDC.

Change color. Complete 3 rows of 20FPHDC for the brim. Tie off.

For the heel Repeat rounds 1-5, tie off. Sew the heel into place.

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2021 AzThreads Christmas Challenge

Each year we try to support out local Angel Tree Program. Last year we were able to make 150 stockings For the local children and stuff them with candies. Because of the virus they did not put up an Angel Tree. Stocking pattern here

This year the ladies are ready to begin the stockings and stuffing them by November. Our little town host a Children’s Christmas Special at the fair grounds. Santa comes on by. Craft tables for kids to make ornaments. Games to play. Movies to watch. We had a table full of beanie hats one year for the kids to come grab a free hat. They went too fast.

2021 AzThreads Christmas Tree Truck pattern $5

Each year we also ask our members and followers to help. By purchasing a special fundraising pattern you will be donating to the Children’s Fund. Funds are used to buy yarn to make hats and stockings. We will also announce another fundraiser for the candy or small toys later in November 2021.

Now not only do you get to donate to the cause we have a “challenge”. The challenge is to finish the blanket. post and win gift certificates. This year 1 winner will get $100 (first to finish) 2nd place is 3 winners of $50 and 4 winners of $25.


  1. Must purchase the pattern ($5)
  2. Must join the Facebook group
  3. Must complete and post finished blanket in the group
  4. Must agree to allow us to use the image for promotion and website.
  5. Must be completed in crochet method. (SC, ESC, HDC or TSS)
  6. The pattern cannot be shared, copied or distributed in any form.
  7. Colors can be changed.
  8. Yarn and hook are your choice.
  9. Pay below and ask to join the group.
  10. Pattern is already loaded to the group.


2021 Christmas Truck Graph and Written 160×200 Crochet and TSS files

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Diamond Bobbles

I was asked to create a written pattern for a Diamond Bobble Blanket. To start I made a small sample (11×9).

I am looking for some help to get a full blanket completed for my post here. I would love to have someone complete the pattern and load up a good image of the finished piece. The PDF includes the sample PLUS repeating rows for a throw. Size varies depending on the hook size and yarn weight used.

Please download the PDF and post your samples or full blanket here and on my Facebook page.

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2019 Christmas Tree Challenge

I wanted to incorporate two challenges this year. One was my personal challenge to help the local children on the Angel Tree. When my grandchildren were young and I was not living near they would tell me about the Firetruck showing up on Christmas Day with Santa and gifts. It meant a lot to my daughter who is a single parent. After a few years, the firetruck Santa tradition faded away.

Currently, they hold a Children’s Christmas Fair at the fairgrounds. Kids earn gifts playing games, offer free cocoa and cookies, painting and crafting ornaments, a movie, and Santa visit. It’s quite a big adventure around here for the kids. It seems this tradition may go away too. Very few businesses left to support donations and set up booths. I pray this is not the last year for the event. I currently have about 125 beanies to donate. It is a warm feeling when you see a child wearing something you made. Last week I went to a football game and there were quite a few girls sporting headbands my daughter Karen made years ago.

Angel Tree set up originally by the Salvation Army each year at local businesses.

We are about 45 miles away from Walmart where they set up Angel Trees. Now this year a local business is hopeful to set up an Angel Tree. Not sponsored through the Salvation Army. I believe anyone should be able to set up an Angel Tree. So I am hopeful to be able to donate gifts, stockings, candy, and crocheted items. To do this I need help!

I love giving! It’s a great feeling to be able to give. However, it is also fun to have a contest and see the unique pieces that are created all over the world. So this year I am asking you to donate to the Angel Tree project. With a kick! The $3 pattern fee goes toward the Angel Tree project. I will post pictures as we progress. Patterns may be completed with any color and brand of yarn. You may use any size of hook desired.

2019 Tree Challenge Pattern here

Now here is the challenge for your part:

  • First, your $$ goes toward a great cause.
  • Complete the 100×100 background AND decorate your tree with buttons, ornaments, ribbon, crochet snowflakes, etc. Be creative on decorating and edge.
  • ¬†On Dec 26-30 I will put the images up for votes in my facebook group
  • Finish and post your image so you can win prizes!
    1. Two (Yes 2) will win a full year ticket $120 value (and over $600 in patterns) to the 2020 TMG Monthly club. (the first and second place winners)
    2. Two will win a ticket to the January 2020 monthly club ($10 ticket and over $50 in patterns)
    3. ANYONE who posts the pattern completed with or without decoration finished will get a $10 gift certificate to spend here (

I hope you consider joining the challenge. To join you must purchase the pattern and join my facebook group for voting purposes.

Purchase the pattern here×100/

Thank you to all who can participate. If you cannot participate at least come by and vote December 26- 30. Winners announced on January 2nd. Winners must contact me through facebook messaging within 24 hours.

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2018 Block a Month CAL

Each year in my Facebook Group ( I offer a free block each month upon completing the block the member will get a bonus pattern. (limited time). 2019 has started which makes the 2018 block available to public×52/

Featured here are the blocks for the 2018 challenge. There were many who completed the challenge, sewed the blocks together and post the results. If you have a completed throw or even all or a few pillows from 2018 you are welcome to post your images in the comments.

2019 has begun…!