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2021 AzThreads Christmas Challenge

Each year we try to support out local Angel Tree Program. Last year we were able to make 150 stockings For the local children and stuff them with candies. Because of the virus they did not put up an Angel Tree. Stocking pattern here

This year the ladies are ready to begin the stockings and stuffing them by November. Our little town host a Children’s Christmas Special at the fair grounds. Santa comes on by. Craft tables for kids to make ornaments. Games to play. Movies to watch. We had a table full of beanie hats one year for the kids to come grab a free hat. They went too fast.

2021 AzThreads Christmas Tree Truck pattern $5

Each year we also ask our members and followers to help. By purchasing a special fundraising pattern you will be donating to the Children’s Fund. Funds are used to buy yarn to make hats and stockings. We will also announce another fundraiser for the candy or small toys later in November 2021.

Now not only do you get to donate to the cause we have a “challenge”. The challenge is to finish the blanket. post and win gift certificates. This year 1 winner will get $100 (first to finish) 2nd place is 3 winners of $50 and 4 winners of $25.


  1. Must purchase the pattern ($5)
  2. Must join the Facebook group
  3. Must complete and post finished blanket in the group
  4. Must agree to allow us to use the image for promotion and website.
  5. Must be completed in crochet method. (SC, ESC, HDC or TSS)
  6. The pattern cannot be shared, copied or distributed in any form.
  7. Colors can be changed.
  8. Yarn and hook are your choice.
  9. Pay below and ask to join the group.
  10. Pattern is already loaded to the group.


2021 Christmas Truck Graph and Written 160×200 Crochet and TSS files

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